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what is Email Extractor lite 1.8

Email Extractor 1.8 is free all-in-one freeware online software. It is a lightweight and powerful utility designed to extract email addresses from various sources: local files, websites, search engines, etc. It is a great tool for creating your customer contact list using your mailbox data. it is the same as lite 1.8.1

Email Extractor Lite1.8

Email Extractor Lite 1.8 is a freeware tool which can extract any number of emails from large texts very easily and quickly. This Lite 1.8 tool is very powerful and easy to use. It can be convenient for individuals and businesses who require emails from their customers information stored in a database. If an individual sits down to extract emails manually from the records of his customers, it would take hours of hard work and efforts for such a simple task as he has to go through large texts thoroughly which would drain out his energy as well.

Working with Lite 1.8 email extractor

Email Extractor Lite 1.8 make the task much simpler and efficient for any individual or business. The interface of the software tool is very easy and user-friendly to operate for a novice. There are 2 windows, output window and input window on the top of the Lite 1.8 Extractor, one is for input and the other will display the output. There is no word limit to the text that needs to be entered in the input window. So you can extract emails from a large text very easily and the emails extracted will be displayed on the output window, from where you can copy those email addresses for further use.

Multiple Formatted Output Options in Lite1.8

Email Extractor Lite1.8 has multiple output option, a features you will only see in premium software and tools. It allows you to modify the output result in a way you want.

One of the best feature is separator which allows you to separate the emails the way you want your emails to be separated from each other. Emails can be separated as: + Comma
+ Pipe
+ Colon
+ New Line

You can also specify any parameter you prefer for the way the data will be separated. Next feature is grouping emails, which allow you to view the extracted emails in any number of groups as per your requirements. Another feature is the option to sort the emails, which will display the extracted emails alphabetically and the feature to convert the emails to lower case is also integrated.

This excellent online tool or application offers you the feature to filter email addresses from any data according to the settings you choose. There is also an interface on Lite1.8 or Lite.8 which allows you to extract the email that contains a specific string value in it only and the rest of the emails would be filtered out from the output. The email software will now separate the good emails after extraction and will display all the emails that do not contain the specified string value in it. You can extract emails from a large text file, doc, docx, html, pdf very easily and the emails extracted will be displayed on the output window, from where you can copy those email addresses for further marketing and advert use

Filtering the data in Lite 1.8

Email Extractor Lite 1.8 online tool provides you the facility to filter the data according to the query you specify. There is an option that lets you extract the email that contains a specific string value in it only and discard the rest emails from the output. The converse of this is also facilitated which will display all the emails that do not contain the specified string value in it. Email Extractor Lite 1.8 provides one more feature of extracting email from web pages form the text that a user enters in the input window such as Email Extraction, Extractor Lite, Mail Exractor, estraktor, e-mail extraction, bulk email extractor online, emails scraper, email spider, free email sorter, extracter, email extractor pro, email extractor download, extarctor, email extractor online, email extractor app, email extractor addon for chrome, email extractor download, email extractor lite, email extractor online, email extractor app, email extractor api, email extractor android, email extractor app download, name and email extractor, email extractor by domain, email extractor apk, email filter, email extractor by country, email extractor and sender software, email spider, email separator and so on. You can select the type of address to be extracted from the drop-down list menu and click on the extract button to get the output. A reset button is available which clears all the text from the input window as well as remove all the constraints which were given by the user at the time of input. Lite1.8 was created to make the task more efficient and productive consuming less of their time and that too free of cost.

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